Congrats to Warren Monteiro, 2013 Beer Drinker of the Year!

Warren Monteiro of NYC, the one without the wig, was named the 2013 Beerdrinker of the Year Saturday at the Wynkoop’s annual event To read more about The Denver Post’s article about Warren and his competitors, as well as history of the competition, click here.

Inky’s Superbowl Craft Beer Pairings from Colorado

Inspired by Draft Magazine’s Superbowl Pairings, we thought you’d like to see some local, Colorado pairings for Sunday’s big game. And for those that don’t give a lick about football… insert important night that is complete with munchies, here_____ (board games? soccer? American Idol? Face Off?). Braised Short Ribs, from and Odell Cutthroat Porter: The…

Just in time for GABF… Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout!?

Phew. I read this link and between my stomach doing flips, my mind is opening a sliver of curiosity… Don’t worry, I’ll let you know how it tastes if I get there! To see the entire write up for this unique stout, read here! Save

5 Craft Beers Obama Should Drink While Debating in Denver

President Obama has been making a point of drinking beer on the campaign trail this year, from Pennsylvania to Iowa to Florida. It was a sore spot for him in 2008 when he was seen more as a wine-slurper than an an everyday beer-drinking kind of fellow, but it’s a distinct advantage in this year’s…

Craft Beer and Broncos Tailgating

Thanks to, Inky Beer brings you… “Where to drink craft beer while tailgating for the Denver Broncos!” Photo from Chris Snider Design Denver Broncos | Sports Authority Field at Mile High | Denver, Colorado The arrival of Peyton Manning has Broncos fans dreaming of winning another Super Bowl, but one man doesn’t make a…