Inky Beer Factoid: December 19

On this day in 1920, The Country Club of Brookline, Massachusetts, built a four sheet indoor ice rink which became the first indoor curling rink opened in the United States.  Although curling may not be as popular in the U.S. as other countries, it is gaining momentum and remains a favorite winter game sport for…

Inky Beer Factoid: December 5

On this day in 1933, the 21st Amendment repealed the 18th Amendment which prohibited the production,  transport, and sale of alcohol in the United States.  Apparently, this IS proof that there is a God!   Photo References

Beer Factoid: July 6

On this day in 1988, Gordon Biersch Brewer Restaurants began their adventures in Palo Alto, California. Today, Gordon Biersch has 35 restaurants in the United States and 4 in Taiwan.