Shepard Fairey Mural

Originally posted on Colors In Los Angeles:
Last week we were able to stop by and check out Shepard Fairey with his crew working on a mural in downtown LA. Here are some quick shots of Shepard cutting up the stencil and spraying his iconic obey logo. Don’t forget to check back with us in…

Shepard Fairey x MTN Colors

Originally posted on Sixand5:
MTN Colors takes a tour of Shepard Fairey’s painting studio and gets a ringing endorsement, attesting to the quality of the paint and talking about collaborating on a limited edition collectable spray can. [youtube] Via 12oz

Denver Graffiti: Shepard Fairey has a Bright Future

I was visiting my sister in Wisconsin a few years ago and she had a basket of clothes to give away. I saw it as a goldmine, so I was rifling through the large pile and picked up this maroon heather shirt that read “Obey.” It had Andre the Giant on it and I was…

Boston Graffiti: Shepard Fairey

An amazing artist of our time. Many of Shepard Fairey’s works can be seen around Boston. Here is one that Dr. B and I found with my sister in June 2012. Shepard Fairey from The Arkitip Chronicles on Vimeo.