Inky Beer Factoid: November 16

On this day in 1939, Al Capone was released from Alcatraz (San Francisco, CA). Did you know that Alcatraz was home to Alcatraz Brewery from 2003-2013? As you can see, the brewery was well-known for it’s Big House Red, but not many of the beer were rated positively by drinkers, except for the Maclead’s Kiltlifter.

Beer Factoid: July 22

On this day in 1886, San Francisco breweries finally gave in to the demands of union brewery workers who were resisting the 16-18 hour workday.  In addition, they demanded free beer, the liberty to live OFF brewery grounds, a 10 hour day for 6 days a week, and an arbitration board.  Workers in the time…

Beer Factoid: July 4

On this day in 1923, boxer Jack Dempsey defeats Tommy Gibbons in 15 rounds claiming the heavyweight boxing title.  It was no secret that Jack loved beer.  He shamelessly chugged beer at Yankee Stadium in the 1930’s and wooed the male democratic for San Francisco’s Acme Brewing Company in 1951.

Beer Factoid: June 30

On this day in 1919, at exactly 11:00pm, The Wartime Prohibition Act took effect and became known as “Thirsty-First” of June just one day later on July 1st. This banned beverages with an alcohol content greater than 2.75%. Beer enthusiasts took to the streets to stock-up on their favorite libations thinking it wouldn’t last long….

Can you find a Hefeweizen for my friend?

Hi all and Happy Memorial Day. We hope you’re up and outside doing something with people you like, drinking beer you love. Dr. B and I are headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park for the day with a few friends from San Francisco. We thought that driving Trail Ridge Road might be exciting, different,…