Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July, beer and art lovers! We hope that you have an excellent day off, surrounded by good beer and the people you love. Here are some inspirational ‘Merica tattoos to celebrate. Cheers!

I Love Veggie Tattoos

The title says it all. I’ve been thinking of a veggie tattoo to celebrate my love for gardening for a while and thought I would share my inspiration. Cheers!

Beer Factoid: June 14

On this date in 1942, Walt Disney’s animated “Bambi” was released.  Did you know that there are several places to enjoy good beer at Walt Disney World?  Some of you might need a drink to get through the day with the kiddos and, more importantly, other people’s families.

Mother’s Day Tattoos, Just in Time to Celebrate!?

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Inky Beer readers out in the interwebs. We thought that we would share a few mom-inspired tattoos with you. They may or may not put you in a celebratory mood. AND… to Inky and Dr. B’s moms… we really wish you were here with us this Mother’s Day….

Spring Beer-cation to Colorado Springs

A few weeks ago, Dr. B and I decided to go on a last minute beer-cation to Colorado Springs… surprisingly close to Golden and only over an hour away! We had grand plans of traveling to MANY breweries and non-alcoholic locations around town (see map below) and we visited many of our goal locations and…

Tommyknocker Brewing Days

I have been reminiscing on my quick start into the brewing industry and thought I’d share a few photos with you from my days as an Apprentice Brewer at Tommyknocker Brewing, in Idaho Springs, CO. Thanks again for the opportunity to begin brewing, TK crew. Slainte!

Happy Zombie Jesus Day! Celebrate with tattoos?

Happy Zombie Jesus Day, all! Dr. B and I just returned from a great trip to Miami (we have so much kick ass graffiti to share with you!). In the meanwhile, we want to help you get in the spirit for Zombie Jesus Day/Easter with these righteous tattoos. Prost.  

Get inspired for a Beer Snow Day!

Dr. B and I are home bound for the day due to the lovely foot of snow falling in Golden…. so we thought that we would enjoy a day full of beer and snow… YAY! To make the best of it, we decided to share some of our Beer Snow Day inspirations with you. Beer…

Graffiti: Rail Cars in Golden, Colorado

I was dropping off recyclables the other day and drove across these rail cars, stopped on the tracks in Golden. Despite there being a little snow flying outside, I thought I should hop the tracks and take some photos for you all to enjoy.

Inky loves snowboard art!

Hey all! In case you have not hear about our ski excitement already… Both Inky and Dr. B are super excited that ski season is here in Colorado. We both have snowboarded since the dawn of time and are excited about getting back out there for another season. (This should be the most skiing we’ll…