Happy Zombie Jesus Day! 

No matter what you celebrate, we hope that you have a great day filled with creepy bunnies and candy, all!    

Hoppy Easter Ink and Graffiti

Happy Easter, all! We hope that you’re celebrating however you like…a long Catholic service, a zombie Jesus day, lots of candy in baskets full of plastic grass that gets all over the house…whatever you like! We hope that you enjoy our Easter-themed tattoos and graffiti… (There are few categories of tattoos and street art surprise…

Happy Zombie Jesus Day! Celebrate with tattoos?

Happy Zombie Jesus Day, all! Dr. B and I just returned from a great trip to Miami (we have so much kick ass graffiti to share with you!). In the meanwhile, we want to help you get in the spirit for Zombie Jesus Day/Easter with these righteous tattoos. Prost.