The Glow-In-The-Dark (UV) Tattoo Craze

Glowrious George‘s UV tattoos As you know, Dr. B and I are fascinated by the new generation of tattoo culture sweeping the world right now. in 2013, more than ever before in history, tattoos are becoming a more acceptable choice in mainstream culture and workplaces. There is a new type of tattoo ink on the…

Tats on Your Knucks!? Inky Beer’s Favorite Knuckle Ink

While browsing the interwebs for new tattoo ideas, Dr. B and I came across this huge “knuck-ink culture.”  There are so many people with these tattoos nowadays, that the style and expectations for what they could and should look like have changed radically. If you had knuckle tats, what would they say/look like?  To see…

Inky Beer Factoid: August 9

On this day in 1483, The Sistine Chapel opened!  As you may already know, this is where you’ll find the work of Michelangelo (Not the Ninja Turtle).  Here are just a few of our favorite pieces of when Michelangelo meets beer.     

Alien-Nation: A Compilation of Inky Beer’s Favorite Alien Tattoos

Dr. B and I got into a conversation about alien abductions while perusing the Internet for the coolest tattoos. Here are our findings of what/who could find you if abducted… if you believe in that sort of thing. (Which one would you choose for your abduction?)  Cheers!

Inky Beer Factoid: August 6

On this day in 1928, pop artist and film producer, Andy Warhol, is born!  Today, Andy would have been 89 and we wanted to celebrate his creativity and commemorate his uniqueness. In fact, Beck’s Beer used Warhol’s self-portraits on NYC advertising and bottle labels beginning in 2011.  Do you have an Andy Warhol favorite? For…

Denver Center Of Performing Arts

Inky and Dr. B are entertaining Dr. B’s mom this weekend, running around Denver seeing various arts. We’ll be posting photos on Twitter (inky_beer) and Instagram (InkyBeer). We’ll be back online with factoids, beer, and other art soon! Cheers!

Wynwood Walls: Top Miami Graffiti

Dr. B and I headed to Miami in March and were blown away by the amazingly colorful, unique street art popping up all over Miami, in an area named Wynwood Walls. Here are some of the best pieces from our visit. Enjoy!

Inky Beer’s Top Fifteen 3D Tattoos

As you may know, Dr. B and I love unique, creative tattoos. Here are some of the best 3D Tattoos admired by Dr. B.  Please click on the photos below for more information about the tattoo owners and artists. Prost! ROBO ARM DOLPHIN SPIDER SCORPIAN BUTTONS MUSCLES SKYRISE MACHINE ROMAN SOLDIER   CELTIC TATTOO GUN…

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July, beer and art lovers! We hope that you have an excellent day off, surrounded by good beer and the people you love. Here are some inspirational ‘Merica tattoos to celebrate. Cheers!

I Love Veggie Tattoos

The title says it all. I’ve been thinking of a veggie tattoo to celebrate my love for gardening for a while and thought I would share my inspiration. Cheers!

Do You Own Beer Furniture?

Dr.B has been exploring the internet for creative and unique beer-related furniture. Here are a few of her favorites. Prost!