Pabst Blue Ribbon Tattoos and Graffiti Art Are Everywhere!

There’s a culture surrounding Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Once thought of at the redneck or young college neophyte beer of choice, the beer began increasing popularity in the early 2000s mostly due to urban hipsters. It is a subculture that evokes enough emotional passion within to express it through tattoo or street art. Here are…

Inky Beer Factoid: August 9

On this day in 1483, The Sistine Chapel opened!  As you may already know, this is where you’ll find the work of Michelangelo (Not the Ninja Turtle).  Here are just a few of our favorite pieces of when Michelangelo meets beer.     

Beer Art Factoid: June 12

On this day in 1890, Austrian painter, Egon Schiele, was born.  One of his most famous portrait paintings was of Friederike Maria Beer. Names like that make one appreciate art just a bit more!  

Graffiti: Rail Cars in Golden, Colorado

I was dropping off recyclables the other day and drove across these rail cars, stopped on the tracks in Golden. Despite there being a little snow flying outside, I thought I should hop the tracks and take some photos for you all to enjoy.

Tentacle Clusters: Josh Ellingson’s Cephalopod Art

In the spirit of things beer and squid/octopus related, we’d like to share a post with you from one of our favorite blogs, The Laughing Squid. San Francisco-based artist Josh Ellingson created “Tentacle Cluster,” a piece that combines two of his (and my) favorite things, cephalopods and booze. Prints are available to purchase.

Graffiti: Denver’s Santa Fe Art District

Dr. B and I walked down to Renegade Brewing the other day. On the way through the Santa Fe Art District (located on and near Santa Fe Drive and Kalamath Street between Alameda and 12th Avenues), we found this art. Hope you enjoy it! According to Denver’s Neighborhood Guides, “the Art District on Santa Fe…

Inky loves snowboard art!

Hey all! In case you have not hear about our ski excitement already… Both Inky and Dr. B are super excited that ski season is here in Colorado. We both have snowboarded since the dawn of time and are excited about getting back out there for another season. (This should be the most skiing we’ll…

Boston Graffiti: Shepard Fairey

An amazing artist of our time. Many of Shepard Fairey’s works can be seen around Boston. Here is one that Dr. B and I found with my sister in June 2012. Shepard Fairey from The Arkitip Chronicles on Vimeo.

Inky Beer’s Top 21 Brewery Label Art from the USA

I chose the Top 21 brewery label art, below, under the following criteria: The following choices are based on Kim Collins’ personal opinion of what “good” beer label art is… for example, I like bold lines, sharp contrast, fine detail, and creative typography use. The following breweries were chosen because they produce consistently quality beer…

Calling all beer artists!

Happy Tuesday, all! Dr. B was surfing around and found a few cool beer art competitions for all those creative people out there near the following areas: Vermont: Magic Hat Label competition Philly Region: T-shirt Contest and/or Comic Contest Troegs Brewery: Beer cap contest open to all! And, for the grand finale, check out this…