Denver Center Of Performing Arts

Inky and Dr. B are entertaining Dr. B’s mom this weekend, running around Denver seeing various arts. We’ll be posting photos on Twitter (inky_beer) and Instagram (InkyBeer). We’ll be back online with factoids, beer, and other art soon! Cheers!

Inky Beer’s Top 8 Funny Beer Videos

Dr. B has been on a beer video kick lately. We hope you enjoy these beer video gems. We have many more to share, so stay tuned to Inky Beer TV! “Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On” by Neal McCoy “Beercan” by Beck “99 Bottles” (Animated, Super Fast Pace!) “Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer” by…

My First Month at Boulder Beer

Here are a few of my “real brewing” photos from my first month at Boulder Beer. This is what I really do when cellaring beer!

Get inspired for a Beer Snow Day!

Dr. B and I are home bound for the day due to the lovely foot of snow falling in Golden…. so we thought that we would enjoy a day full of beer and snow… YAY! To make the best of it, we decided to share some of our Beer Snow Day inspirations with you. Beer…

Inky Beer Gets “Lost In The Woods” at New Belgium Brewing

Dr. B and I excitedly drove to Fort Collins on Friday night to attend New Belgium’s FIRST ticketed event, “Lost in the Woods,” an event celebrating two amazing sour beers, the Transatlantique Kriek and the 2013 La Folie (Sour Brown Ale). We arrived in town a little early, so we went over to Black Bottle…

Inky’s Superbowl Craft Beer Pairings from Colorado

Inspired by Draft Magazine’s Superbowl Pairings, we thought you’d like to see some local, Colorado pairings for Sunday’s big game. And for those that don’t give a lick about football… insert important night that is complete with munchies, here_____ (board games? soccer? American Idol? Face Off?). Braised Short Ribs, from and Odell Cutthroat Porter: The…

Taste of Bloomington Rocks Again

Phew! An action packed weekend of seeing friends and enjoying yummy drinks and eats in Bloomington. The annual Taste of Bloomington was our last hurrah with most people in town, as we’re moving to Golden in 9 days… and 9 days is approaching QUICKLY. Dr. B and I decided to try one new food and…

Moving to the Rockies in 14 days

Moving to the Rockies in 14 days

“One of these things is not like the other. One of these. Things just doesn’t belong…”

This is what I saw when I opened my fridge this morning. The Coors (tap the Rockies!) was given to Dr. B and I from our neighbor, Willy. She brought us an entire platter of lunch the other day after seeing me power wash the house for 2 hours. She demanded the I go inside, take a break and drink these. Okay! Twist my arm.