5 Times Charmed by the Great American Beer Festival


5Dr. B and I received great news this week… we were invited to the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) with Media Passes for the 5th year in a row! To celebrate 5 years of wacky GABF festivities, we will cover new ground and write four new articles focusing on education and, of course, beer!

The articles you can expect from us for this year’s festival are:

  • How does a Certified Cicerone approach weird beer at the festival?
  • Themed Beers (Star Trek, Comic Con, Musical Groups, Non Profit Causes, Environment, Beer Made With Food, etc.)
  • Pairing Festival Food with Festival Beer Samples
  • What does it takes to enter a beer and win a GABF medal? (video interviews from brewers and owners)


We are attending the Thursday and Friday night sessions. Hope to see you there!


(To read our previous articles, simply click the GABF link above, on our webpage! Cheers.)





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