Midwest Beer Travels



Dr. B and I toured 13 more Midwest breweries in the last couple weeks and we thought you might like to see a few pictures of our adventures. We had a too great time visiting old friends and meeting new ones… is that even possible? (probably not.)

4 Hands Brewing, Saint Louis, MO

All of their beers were solid and we tried each one! The one that brought us to town on that night was their Lemon Gose. It’s summer in a can and we took a bunch with us. Definitely visit these folks. They even had free skeeball!

Square One Brewing & Distilling, Saint Louis, MO

The best beverage I had here was the Hefeweizen with GIN in it! All of it is made in house and it was fabulous. I’ve never had anything like it.

Schlafly Brewing, Saint Louis, MO

Schlafly has solid beer that can meet everyone’s tastes, including our friend that cannot drink beer. She had their cider and we were super impressed with it’s drinkability (at 7% ABV) as well as it’s balance of sweetness, dryness, and carbonation. Get the house salad and/or the charcuterie plate. We loved this place eventhough their beer is not wacky. Sometimes you need a beer you can depend on, right?!

Sun King Brewing, Indianapolis, IN

Sun King is a brewery both of us have wanted to visit for a while, especially since we used to live in Indiana and never made it there. I had their Anniversary GFJ (Grapefruit Jungle) and it was insane. If we did not have to finish the beer in 20 minutes (because we arrived that close to closing), we could have stayed and tried them all… if our livers let us.

Jolly Pumpkin Cafe and Brewery, Ann Arbor, MI

This place has a menu that is half sours and half non-sours. As far as we were concerned, the sours were the creme of the menu because Jolly Pumpkin is known for their great sours… tart, balanced, entirely too drinkable. We enjoyed talking with their outgoing, beer-educated bartenders and they had cool art all around the downstairs bar and restaurant, especially the silverware chandeliers. We could have had all of the sours if it wasn’t for driving…Definitely visit this place!

Dark Horse Brewing, Marshall, MI

Dark Horse is a funky taproom in the middle of nowhere, with a fish tank featuring fermentation tanks and brewery equipment. They have a mug club with over 4,000 members… it’s breathtaking. We tied 4-5 samples of pales and IPAs. All were well made, clean, and delicious. My favorite was “Smells Like A Safety Meeting.” Their mercantile had fun and eclectic merchandise, and the all around experience was unique, to the point where if you’re traveling near, you should stop here!

New Holland Brewing, Holland, MI

New Holland was a much larger bar and brewery building than I expected. I was hoping for some variations of their Dragon’s Milk Stout and was able to try the S’mores and Raspberry Lemon… sounds weird, but they were delicious! Oddly, the place was near empty on a weeknight at 10pm in the summer tourist town. We heard the entire town shuts down at 10pm…figures.

Our Brewing Company, Holland, MI

It turns out that everyone in the town was next door to New Holland, at Our Brewing Company, because it serves delicious and creative beer as well as had a DJ playing only the finest of 80s music! (This place was open to the wee hours.) I had a coffee stout named, “Study Buddy,” that was so smooth and tasty, that if I was trying to study “on” this beer, I would be a drunken failure. I would have one now if someone brought one to me… Go here!

Saugatuck Brewing, Douglas/Saugatuck, MI

Saugatuck Brewing makes a wide variety of beer flavors, a great cider (our choice!), and offers the public the ability to brew their own recipes on the cutest copper jacketed 1 barrel system I’ve ever seen. Food was decent and although nothing was too wacky or weird (as we like it), we were able to have a quick bite to eat and hang out.

Round Barn Brewery/Winery/Distillery, Baroda, MI

The Round Barn was a return trip for Dr. B and a new brewery for me. It is located in between hop farms, fruit trees, and a ton of vineyards. The round barn itself was built in 1881 and is absolutely worth a check inside. You will find semi-private wine tasting areas and beautiful windows. To get a beer, you need to visit the barn up the hill. All of the beer was clean and delicious. The entire experience is worth the trip… bring a picnic and spend the afternoon!

Greenbush Brewing, Sawyer, MI

When you drive into Sawyer, you will notice that most of the town’s buildings are owned by Greenbush Brewing. They have two main buildings near a main street, and we chose to visit the Annex building because the Taproom was packed with a 45 minute waiting list mid week! (Impressive.) We had the small cheese plate and a few IPAs to cut the creaminess and richness of the cheese. The Annex has a screened in porch, corn hole, bocce, and a huge patio area. I could have hung out all day. We loved it here.

18th Street Brewery, Gary, IN

Every time we visit Northwest Indiana, you will find us drinking beer at this bar. It’s close to my family’s house and the staff are becoming like beer family, too. I have a diverse palate and love all of the beers they make. Try the Sour Note Brewing series for sours and funky beers (I’ve had Goses and Guezes that might as well be from Europe!)

18th Street Brewery, Hammond, IN

This is 18th Street’s second and newest location boasting the largest patio in Northwest Indiana (3000 square feet of outdoor fun!) and will eventually have a distillery, too! Their chefs expertly pair featured meals with house beers and I’ve never seen a disappointed customer. Check out the photos of their murals and other artwork below. It’s always a treat to see what’s new and what’s next. What a cool new space. See you in 2017, beer friends!

Thanks again to all we met along the way for the genuine hospitality. There’s no place like home!

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