What to Expect When Attending (GABF, that is!)

To get warmed up for our new GABF content, check out this article, reposted from Inky Beer, 2014…

Now that we barely survived the Great American Beer Festival this year, Dr. B and I wanted to show you what we saw at the festival, in photos. Hope you laugh as hard as we did!

Brewer’s Welcome Party at the Hard Rock Cafe

The opening party for all of the GABF brewers is like the cast of Harry Potter hanging out. Like a group of totally bad ass people that don’t care about being better than one another and all they want to do is drink together.


Session 1: Thursday Night

People are excited to be in town for the greatest beer festival in the world…and they finally get to have the beer they’ve dreamed of forever. So much happiness and kindness!

UC Riverside

Session 2: Friday Night

Energy is still high, actually higher. People come to the festival in droves, covered in really interesting costumes and whatnot. Time to show off your new beer helmet or monkey suit. The party has begun!


The Award Ceremony

We’ve all been waiting for this day to come and a lot of our friends (and hopefully us, too!) win awards! Time for the Carlton Dance.


Session 3: Saturday Morning

The brewers are completely exhausted from the days and months leading to GABF. However, if you won an award, you have at least 20 hours of good energy and drinking left. And yes, you have to buy beer for the losers. At the session, you will meet the most information hungry people ever. Be prepared and have a game plan!


Session 4: Saturday Night

Brewers and volunteers, if you made it this far in the week and have not quit, you deserve an entirely new award because you look like the walking dead. For those attending the festival as their first session, get ready to run. Run for all of the beers you want…hope that they are not already gone and run for all the weird ones in between. Watch out for crazy eyes trying to steal your sour. Hang tight, hide in the food court if things get to be too much and you’ll make it through the last 5-hour session of the festival. People will drink ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.


Flying out of Denver on Sunday

Just head home safely, pass out, and we’ll see you next year!



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