Colorado’s Fifth Ladybrew Creates A Game Changing Recipe

On February 24, Abby and I drove up to brew an Imperial Red IPA, named FMR (Foul-Mouthed Red), for Collaboration Fest 2015. FMR is a full bodied Imperial Red IPA with an array of balanced hops added in every part of the brewing process.

(Come try our beer! Tickets are still available via the collab hyperlink.)


When we arrived to brew with Linsey Cornish (Head Brewer of Horse and Dragon Brewery) and the H&D family, we met our motley crew of friends from the following breweries:

I have been fortunate enough to be a member of four out of five Colorado Lady Brews since 2013 and this recipe is a game changer for our group for two great reasons. One, this is a high gravity brew (8.0%+ ABV) and two, this recipe is hoppy as hell. If I remember correctly, we put Apollo, Comet, Watueka, Cascade, and Centennial in the first wort, boil, hopback, and dry hop. (Ladies, did I forget any hop additions?! There were so many).

This group of ladies welcomed me into their inner circle on the tapping of the first beer at Wynkoop and I am grateful for their support and guidance as I climbed the ranks in the brewing industry. I have always felt like I had a group of people who understand what I’m going through and have been there for me the entire way.

Cheers to the new ladies of the group and those new to the brewing industry! Hope to see you at a future lady brew.

Photo Credits:

  • Ashleigh Carter
  • Dev Adams
  • Kelly McKnight
  • Kim Collins
  • Horse and Dragon Brewery
  • Bess Dougherty

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