Exploring Drinker Demographics: When Biology and Social Expectations Collide

This Is Why I'm Drunk

shadow-profile-people-header Who cares about “craft beer”? And when?

The first time I found out I loved craft beer, I didn’t know it was craft beer.

It was just “beer.” And it was good.

I had moved beyond the BMC days of high school and found out there was more beer readily available than the Hoegaarden or Guinness I became fond of in my late teens. While I loved Sam Adams and their variety packs, everything changed my senior year of college.

I found myself with a minimal disposable income, a growing interest in what I drank and a bottle shop a few miles away. All of a sudden, new beers and flavors were within easy reach.

My roommates and I – all 21 or 22 – made trips together. We once bought a case of Saranac Caramel Porter to share among the three of us, which was the best beer I’d…

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