The Art of GABF: Costuming to Win

Don’t Forget to Bring Your Flair to GABF!

If you’re headed to the Great American Beer Festival this week, you might want to consider donning a COSTUME. Show off your beer-loving flair at the festival on Thursday and Friday nights and be entered to win the “Best Attendee Costume” Award. You can dress up by yourself or with a group! (See the 2013 winners, Speakeasy Ales and Lagers, below.)

unnamedSpeakeasy, a San Francisco brewery, threw down at GABF 2013 and won the Festival Flair Award for Best Brewery Booth.

The craft beer community has no shortage of style and creativity, not to mention healthy amounts of weird and whimsical, and for the 12th year in a row we’ll be recognizing those GABF breweries and attendees who bring an exceptional degree of flair to the festival floor.On Friday at 8:30 pm at the karaoke stage, we will present Festival Flair Awards for Best Decorated Booth and Best Attendee Costume. So don’t leave your flair at home!

Brewery winners will get free festival entry to GABF 2015, and the attendee costume winner will get a pair of tickets to GABF 2015 session of their choosing!

For further inspiration, here are a few beer festival costume favorites:

In short, there is no such thing as “taking your costume too far,” so get out there and dress to impress!

Please come by Barrels and Bottles Brewery‘s booth to check out our decorations for the “Best Decorated Booth” contest. (No spoilers here! I’m not telling you our theme. You’ll have to come by and see it yourself!)


~Inky and Dr. B




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