Safe Travels: Does Brewery Growth Mean We Need to Talk More About Drinking and Driving?

This Is Why I'm Drunk

car-blurred lines-blurry lights-drunk driving

It wasn’t until recently that I truly noticed what it was like growing up in my hometown of Geneva, NY.

Tucked away in the middle of wine country and farmland, Geneva is surrounded by rolling hills and backroads identifiable only be the numbers given to them. If you’ve driven County Road 4, you might as well have driven County Road 6 or 23 or any other, really.

After spending the past six years among the sprawl of North Carolina’s Triangle region, I now realize how easy it is to forget about what my youth was like: speeding by cows and tractors and long stretches of nothing but green grass or tilled earth.

For a long time, Geneva and the Finger Lakes have been known as a premiere Northeast location to enjoy wine with more than 100 wineries and counting. But like areas all over the country, beer is…

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