Recipe #12: Mosaic and Simcoe Saison (Batch #2014.06)

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Another hoppy saison recipe from a blog about hoppy saisons…at least they are good! This a slight departure and a sign of things to come, this is not single hop saison (alright none of them have been single hop saisons but they all showcased one particular hop). This beer has late additions of both Simcoe and Mosaic. This was for a few reasons, first the practical. I had some left over Simcoe and mosaic and wanted to use it. Second, pairing these two hops made sense to me. Mosaic hops are a cross between Simcoe and Nugget hop plants. The result being a hop that is slightly less bitter than either of those but just as fruity, possibly more so. And finally,  more One of the most popular beers we’ve brewed recently was Recipe #07: Mosaic Saison…and this is an attempt at a redo / ellaboration of that recipe.


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