He Said What? Pete Coors and His Magical Mystery Press Tour

This Is Why I'm Drunk


Warning: #LongRead

Yesterday, the Denver Post’s “First Drafts” blog ran this story: “Pete Coors, big beer industry continues to grapple with craft beers.”

No kidding. It was one of many interviews Coors is providing as he stumps for Denver to host the next Republican National Convention. Naturally, he talks about beer, too.

There are several figures used in the post to show how things have been rough for MillerCoors and its chairman, like fourth quarter earnings for the company down 2 percent to retailers and 2.2 percent to wholesalers. Generally speaking, we know that beer sales are down for big brands like Budweiser, Miller or Coors.

But what struck me most were some of Coors’ comments about the beer industry, which came off misguided, crotchety and sometimes downright false. It surprised me, considering we’re talking about the head of the seventh largest brewer (by volume) in the world.

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