Next Upland Lambic Lottery Begins Apr. 29

Beer Served Rare

Upland Brewing logo The next Upland Lambic lottery is ready to launch next week, beginning on Tuesday, April 29 at 12pm EDT and running until Wednesday, May 7 at noon. This go round will feature the long lost Persimmon Lambic (due to previous batches not being up to par), Peach Lambic and a fresh collaboration with New Belgium, Darksynth .

The details:

  • Enter the lottery here
  • ONE entry per person (duplicate entries will be cancelled)
  • Winners will be notified via email on Friday, May 9
  • Limit 1 bottle of each style per person
  • $25 + tax per 750mL bottle
  • Bottles can be picked up in Indianapolis or Bloomington locations (select this while entering – it CANNOT be changed later)
  • Proxies ARE allowed – the person picking up must have a copy of your ID

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