On Gender and Beer: Why Do We Think Men Are from Ales, Women Are from Lagers?

Women and beer are historically linked and I look forward to a day where we will not need to discuss this anymore. Great article.

This Is Why I'm Drunk


Conversations on Capitol Hill once again became focused on the equity of men and women last week, as the White House marked Equal Pay Day. Even in 2014, women are still fighting an uphill battle not only in relation to income, but workplace discrimination and advancement opportunities.

The little-known “holiday” has been marked since 1996 as a way to highlight the income gap between men and women. On a broader scale, it shines a light on continued issues facing gender equality in our country. We are making progress, but are yet to find a way to put men and women on equal footing.

It’s a discussion that can be applied to many industries and occasions outside of just pay, where forces work to push us toward what it means to be the “fairer sex” or embrace our machismo. “Boys will be boys” almost sounds like a rallying cry at…

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