Inky Beer Factoid: November 22

Joh Kennedy

On this day in 1963, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot in a Dallas motorcade and died. Although President Kennedy was proud of his Irish heritage, there is no proof that he was a beer drinker, except the Irish stereotype. 1963 was a creative time for the United States and for beer drinkers, as vessels were changing shape (different cans and bottles that ever seen before) and even one brewery merged design with function. The Heineken “WOBO” (or Wold Bottle) was born.


…[The] idea of turning waste into useful products came to life brilliantly in 1963 with the Heineken WOBO (world bottle). Envisioned by beer brewer Alfred Heineken and designed by Dutch architect John Habraken, the “brick that holds beer” was ahead of its ecodesign time, letting beer lovers and builders alike drink and design all in one sitting.

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