Inky Beer Factoid: December 22

On this day in 1964, Leonard Alfred Schneider (best known as stand-up comedian and satirist, Lenny Bruce), was convicted in an obscenity trial; however, was later pardoned.  Lenny paved the way for many comedians because of his landmark trial concerning freedom of speech.


Shmaltz Brewing Company pays homage to Lenny Bruce with its Rye-based Double IPA called “Bittersweet Lenny’s R.I.P.A.”.  This beer was brewed with “an obscene amounts of malts and hops.  Shocking flavors – far beyond contemporary community standards.  We cooked up the straight dope for the growing minyans of our nation’s Radical Beer junkies.  Judges may not be able to define “Radical Beer”, but you’ll damn well know it when you taste it.”

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