Inky Beer’s Upcycled And Recycled Beer Gift Guide 2013

Happy Holidays beer lovers!

Dr. B and I decided to head in a different direction than our traditional “Beer Gift Guide” this year and want to share with you some upcycled and recycled beer gifts for the craftbeer lover in your life (or yourself!). To see more details about each item, click on the item’s name and we hope that you find something special and unique to share with others this holiday season.

For those that like to carry their money in style…

Gumball Head Beer Wallet by MindysDesigns (7 different designs) $18.00

For ornament collectors…

Sierra Nevada Beer Ornaments by LizardSkins (9 different designs) $12.00

For home entertainers…

Beer Bottle Glasses by notsobourgeois (Designed to order) $9.50

For beer travelers…

Regional Beer Journals by The Roaming Pint (9 different series, by region) $10.00-$12.00

For festival go’ers…

Craftbeer Can Hat by Sugarbowl (Designs made to order – send in your own cans and save $10.00) $40.00 

For jewelry and/or key chain lovers…

Beer Bottle Cap Charms by Trinket Foundry (Many different designs) $4.95

For homeowners or interior decorators…

Beer Bottle Knobs and Pulls by FullCircleglassware (Many colors!) 6 for $25.00

For dog lovers…

Vintage Stroh Signature Beer Crate Dog Feeder by For Love Of A Dog $215.00

For DIY’ers and crafty people…

Beer Crafts book by Beercrafts (Shawn Gascoyne-Bowman) $15.00 for a signed copy

For those looking for more beer gift ideas, check out our 2012 Beer Geek Gift Guides!

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