Inky Beer Factoid: December 6

On this day in 2009, National Miner’s Day was established to commemorate all miners and their contributions to our nation’s economy.  Although the mining industry is not considered as dangerous as it once had been (mainly due to safety practices), many lives were lost back in the day.  This day is in remembrance of the most deadly and horrific mining disaster in history occurring on December 6, 1907 in Monongah, West Virginia.  Here, 362 men and boys lost their lives in a coal mine (some say it was closer to 500).  Therefore, Congress has honored miners ‘in appreciation, honor and remembrance of the accomplishments and sacrifices of the miners of our Nation; and encourages the people of the United States to participate in local and national activities celebrating and honoring the contributions of miners.'”

Many beer companies celebrate the lives and history of miners.  Here are just a few beer and breweries that just might be in your backyard!

Tommyknocker Brewery:  Prospector Rye Porter & Pick Axe India Pale Ale

Galena Brewing Company: Miner’s Treasure Amber Ale


Lewis & Clark Brewing Company: Miner’s Gold Hefeweizen


Auburn Alehouse Brewery & Restaurant:  Miner’s Wheat Ale


Pete’s Place – The Choc Room:  Miner’s Mishap Black Lager

miner%20mishap7394Mountain State Brewing Company:  Miner’s Daughter Oatmeal Stout


Inky Beer would like to honor our miners not just here, but all over the world!

Photo References

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