Inky Beer Factoid: December 1


On this day in 1864, George Merz of New Orleans, Louisiana, brewed the first lager beer in the city at the Old Canal Steam Brewery (only open for 2 years).  Unfortunately, it was an unsuccessful endeavor due to the high cost of ice and the fact that is often melted by the time it reached New Orleans from Maine!


The attempt to offer lager beer was soon postponed and exchanged for less expensive beer.  This proved just as profitable and the customers did not seem to be bothered.


Trade Names for the brewery at Villere, Toulouse, Robertson & St. Louis, New Orleans, LA:

  • Henry Lusse 1879-1880 George Merz, Coffeehouse & Brewery (Toulouse corner Villere) 1858-1861
  • Old Canal Brewery & Coffeehouse 1866-1867
  • Old Canal Brewery (George Merz) 1868-1870
  • Old Canal Steam Brewery 1871-1878
  • Southern Brewing Co. (Villere, Toulouse, Robertson & St. Louis) 1882-1890
  • Southern Branch, New Orleans Brewing Assn 1890-1899
  • Southern Branch, New Orleans Brewing Co. 1900-1900
  • Closed in 1900
  • Status of the building is currently unknown


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