Inky Beer Factoid: November 21

Photo credit: Classic Hollywood

On this day in 1871, the first human cannonball, Emilio Onra, was shot. Here is a colorful sketch of the story from Kelly Gram. Please take it for what it is and enjoy!

Once upon a time (November 21, 1871 to be precise), in the city of London, Onra became the first person ever to be shot out of a cannon. For some undisclosed reason, he accomplished this history-making feat while disguised as a woman. Other details, including how far he was propelled and whether or not he survived, are sketchy at best.

One is tempted to speculate that Mr. Onra had gathered the courage to attempt his unprecedented act by first making the rounds of the London pubs, and had managed to — uhh — get loaded.

There hasn’t been much in the news lately about folks being shot from cannons. Perhaps there’s some truth to the rumor that it has become very difficult to find anyone (are you ready?) of Onra’s caliber.

Did you know that the brewing industry still remembers those willing to try flying by naming beers after them? Magic Rock Brewing celebrates the circus with their vintage-like beer labels, especially Cannonball (IPA), Human Cannonball (IIPA), and Un-Human Cannonball (Triple IPA).

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