Upland and New Belgium Collaboration: Light Synth and Dark Synth

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A new collaboration is brewing between Upland Brewing and New Belgium Brewing, driven by a series of blending experiments with sour ales from each side. Two unique blended wild ales were created using a variety of beers, resulting in Light Synth and Dark Synth.

So what’s in the blend? Ask, and you shall receive.

Light Synth:

  • 50% New Belgium Felix
  • 40% Upland Sour Reserve
  • 10% Upland Cherry Lambic

Dark Synth:

  • 50% New Belgium Oscar
  • 40% Upland Dantalion
  • 10% Upland Raspberry Lambic

New Belgium will be debuting a special version of Light Synth with 10% Boon Kriek as well as Dark Synth during the Festival of Barrel-Aged Beer (FOBAB) on Saturday, November 16. Upland will package both blends in 750mL bottles for release in early 2014.

Read more about Light Synth and Dark Synth on the official Upland blog.

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