Inky Beer Factoid: November 4


Throughout history, beer hall have been used for more than drinking, even for negative events, such as the The Beer Hall Putsch.


On this day in 1923, in Munich, Hitler wanted to take control of the German goverment (with the aid of Alfred Rosenberg and Max Erwin von Scheubner-Richter). Hitler and company planned to kidnap the triumverate of Generalkommissar Gustav von Kahr, General Otto von Lossow (commander of the army in Bavaria), and Colonel Hans Ritter von Seisser (commander of the state police), in a Buergerbräukeller (a beer hall). The event was later named “The Beer Hall Putsch.”


Hitler used the beer hall, gun-point, and approximately 3,000 government officials to force the triumverate to join Hitler and the Nazis in the “revolution.” As history told, the triumverate fooled Hitler by faking their support, then fleeing the beer hall. Most made it out safely and fled the country and, unfortunately, Scheubner-Richter was the first shot. Four days later, Hitler was arrested.




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