Inky Beer Factoid: October 30


On this day in 1973, Dr. B was born! She lived in Ohio until the age of 24 and then began traveling around the world and living in beer meccas, such as Vermont, Colorado, and Oregon. She claims that her first craft beer was “Mojo,” by Boulder Beer. Thank goodness for Mojo, because she was an avid Killian’s Red fan before craft beer. Below are a few photos of memorable trips that helped shape her love of beer. Prost!

photo 1

All the photos below are from the same trip to Ireland, England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, and Germany. Above, is a photo of Katie at St. James Gate, home of the Guinness Brewery.

photo 2

This photo is Katie having a “well deserved” Killkenny at an Irish pub in Amsterdam.

  photo 3

This is a photo of Katie and Andrea drinking German bier in traditional steins at Augustiner Braustubel (Monastary & Brewery) in Salzburg.

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