Ink: Leia Leuthardt

Thanks to my amazing cousin, Leia (Collins) Leuthardt, we are able to share this gorgeous tattoo with you today. I asked Leia to tell you a little about the design of her tattoo and its importance. Here is Leia’s story:

“This tattoo is my memorial to my babies: my two miscarriages and my two boys that I delivered healthy, naturally. There are four tails on the phoenix: Howie and Colin are represented by the two tails without Irises in them, the other two tails with Irises are for the babies in heaven. The phoenix represents my inherent ability to rise out of dark times with my soul whole and heart unbroken. My family has been through a lot of just unexpected and unfair times. Yet, despite it all, we remain strong together and push on. Life is too short to not rise from the ashes.”


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