Elysian Great Pumpkin Beer Festival 2013

I think about beer

Please note, all of this post was written prior to AB-InBev’s purchase of Elysian Brewing. While the beers still may good, I can not give money to a company that is actively undermining the craft beer industry world-wide. If you’d like to read more about AB-InBev’s malfeasance, please click on this link to a post I did that lists a very small percentage of the unethical acts they perpetrate.

Elysian Brewing has long been a pioneer of Pumpkin beers, brewing around 20 or so a year.  To celebrate this pumpkin diversity, they started holding a pumpkin beer festival at their Capital Hill pub in 2004.  When they opened their new Georgetown production facility  in 2012, they moved the festival there, greatly increasing the amount of people who could attend what was becoming a hugely popular festival.  This year, 2013, they added a Sunday session.  Now with three days, it’s estimated…

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