Inky Beer Factoid: October 9


On this day in 1940, John Winston Ono Lennon was born. John was one of the founding members of the Beatles, one of the most celebrated bands of the 20th century. Thanks to John Fortunado, Inky Beer brings you the “Beatles Beer Pairings” below. For more songs and pairings from John, click here.

Also on this day in 1950, my mom, Elizabeth Jane Collins, was born. This post is for you, mom. Thank you for sharing the amazing music of the Beatles with me at a young age. Whenever I hear them, especially the Abbey Road Album, I always think of you. I love you.



John Lennon’s cynical hippie-spirited beatnik-derived dirge portrays life’s underside and its eerie arrangement influenced the Aquarius-aged catch-and-release histrionics of the Zombies “Time Of The Season.” Since its dark characterizations and biting social critique relinquish bitter sentiments, I’d endorse an Extra Special Bitter such as Wales-brewed Scotch-smoked almond-buttered oats-dried Thames Welsh ESB.



Paul Mc Cartney’s sympathetic string-laden Classical-bound ‘66 lament to ‘all the lonely people’ relied on desolate violin, viola, and cello aridity instead of fertile guitar-bass-drum conformity. Try vinous bone-dry grape-tannic peach-honeyed Belgian-brewed Mead-Gueuze hybrid, Hanssens Mead The Gueuze, or if that’s difficult to find, locate a sour pomegranate-juiced peach-dried cranberry-tart Shmaltz He’Brew Origin Pomegranate Ale. Oh, hell, just get any sour ale from Portland’s Raccoon Lodge and weep along with this downhearted sentiment.



George Harrison’s greatest composition is this swooning string-laden love ballad. Its lilting orchestral tenderness, slow-grooved sway, and lovely guitar furtherance proffer an undeniably resplendent sensuality perfect for celebrating Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or a wedding alongside chocolate sweets. So grab an equally voluptuous mocha porter that’s nearly as historically important such as England’s magnificent Samuel Smith’s Taddy Porter. The tune’s elegant strings approximate Taddy’s creamy chocolate molasses endurance while its stirringly resilient orchestral embellishments capture the dainty floral succulence and fruit-dried brandy-sherry nuances of the plentiful nightcap.


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