Inky Beer Factoid: September 14


On this day in 2013, the Van-Roy Cantillon family, will celebrate the release of the sixth rendition of their annual sour-beer-of-the-gods, “Zwanze”. Traditionally, “Zwanze Day” is in September and the celebration originated in 2008, with the limited release of a special Sour Rhubarb Lambic. This year, the beer was released in 46 bars in 14 different countries on the same exact day. Only 22 bars in the United States are participating, and one of only four places in California that you’ll be able to get your hands on some Zwanze 2013. Did you get to try it? Dr. B and I missed it this year, but will be ready for Zwanze’s return to Denver in 2014!

ZWANZE: Term of endearment for people in parts of Belgium, Buffoonery, Clownery, or the release of a Very Limited Sour Rhubarb Lambic, also Buffoonery.



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