Inky Beer Factoid: Remembering September 11 With Ink

On this day in 2001, the Twin Towers in NYC were destroyed, Flight 93 was hijacked, and thousands of Americans perished. People remember where they were on September 11th. I was in an accounting class at Indiana University. I watched the first tower burn on national television, in class, while being shocked to see the second tower hit by a plane as we were watching live. I remembered biking home quickly to call my family, worried that my dad’s work might be targeted, near the Sear’s Tower, in Chicago. I did not know anyone in the tower or on the ground, but I still felt the reverberation of a nation’s mourning that day. We need not forget this date in time, but I believe we must move toward peace. It’s been a long hard run for all of my friends in all l branches of the military. It’s time for peace. The pain of this date and all of its repercussions has been going on too long.

Today, we’d like to share with you some memorial tattoos of September 11. Believe in peace and we can achieve it as a nation.

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