Inky Beer Factoid: August 28

WARNING: This post contains information about racial profiling and in no way reflects Inky Beer’s view of the world.

On this day in 2009, the US Forest Service, in Colorado, issued a statement for Labor Day weekend, warning hikers to “beware of campers in national forests drinking Tecate beer, eating tortillas and playing Spanish music” because “they could be armed marijuana growers.”

The US Forest Service went even further to warn Coloradans that Spanish speaking, SPAM and/or tuna eating campers might also be trafficking drugs. OF COURSE, they retracted both warnings, apologizing for the (insane) insensitivity.


Good thing it’s all legal in Colorado now!


Does this look like a drug trafficker to you?

Abuelita-Tomando-Tecate-Funny-Mexican-Grandma-Drinking-BeerAbuelita just wants her Tecate. Please don’t judge her.

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