Inky Beer Factoid: August 23


On this day in 1984, the ranch of television show “Dallas” was sold with the intent to turn it into a hotel. Perhaps you are too young to remember the Ewing family and “Who Shot J.R.?”. Regardless, you may recognize Larry Hagman not only as J.R. Ewing but also as Major Tony Nelson on “I Dream of Jeannie” (Jennie was played by Barbara Eden and her birthday happens to be today as well).


Larry was a big fan of beer (and champagne), in fact, on this same day in 1995, he unfortunately received a liver transplant possibly from years of indulging. He was also seen in many beer advertisements over the years such as a Heinekin and a Schlitz beer campaign during the 1980’s. His character on “Dallas” even inspired the makings of the Texas Beer “JR”. This beer was produced by Pearl Brewing Company in San Antonio, TX.





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