Chipotle and Great Divide Team Up For Cultivate Festival 2013

I’m not sure if we mentioned it before, but Dr. B is totally obsessed (completely off the deep end) with Chipotle. I also love their food and sustainable business model. We’re headed into Denver’s City Park today to participate in our 2nd Chipotle Cultivate Festival. There will be the classic Chipotle dishes, dishes from their test kitchens, local food and goods for sale, live cooking demonstrations from chefs such as Nate Appleman and Amanda Freitag (we love you, Amanda!), and …. craft BEER!


As quoted in Beerpulse, “Our brewers (Great Divide) recently collaborated with Denver-based Chipotle Mexican Grill to craft an exclusive beer for August 17th’s Cultivate Festival. Brewed with sweet orange peel and a touch of black peppercorn, Cultivate Farmhouse Ale is a delightfully fruity and slightly tart saison – a beer that’s not only a great complement to full-flavored Mexican-style foods, but also an enticingly refreshing sipper for outdoor festival season.”


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