Beer Factoid: July 14


On this day 1945, the mother, Anna Marie Sweeney (aka Donna), of Inky Beer’s Dr. B was born in Philadelphia, PA.  This day is so special that it deserves recognition on our blog.


Donna is a fiery redhead, and was also a stepchild.  Hence, we have named it “Redheaded Stepchild” in her honor (but with positive connotations… There will be NO beatings for this Ginger!).

Because she is so loved, we dedicated our funky homebrew to her and will be racking and bottling its contents today! We brewed a Belgian Golden Ale, then hit it with some Lactobacillus for 6 months. We added 8 pounds of cherries from the Western Slope a few weeks ago and now it’s a funky kriek? It used to taste like a thin, light Saison, but now is a little wilder, with a light, tart cherry flavor.

We love you, Ma! (We know how much you love cherries.)  See you in 3 days!




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