Colorado Beer Pairings Without The Meal

Dr. B and I love to attend beer pairing dinners, but sometimes the dinners are too pricey and/or it’s not practical to bring the entire beer pairing meal to a friend’s cookout or a ball game. So, Dr. B had the idea to pair foods “to go” with delicious Colorado beers. We hope you enjoy the pairings and seek out goodies from these local companies!

Duke’s Cracked Pepper Beef Jerky and Backcountry Brewery’s “Ore Bucket” India Black Ale

Peppery, spicy, and smoky pair well with piney hops, roasted coffee, bitter black malt, and a slight taste of baker’s chocolate.

The Cookie Brewer’s White Chocolate Banana Hefeweizen Cookie with Dry Dock’s Hefeweizen

Banana esters from the beer’s yeast, perfectly textured cookie with a biscuity taste, hints of sweetness from the white chocolate pair well with this tart, effervescent, banana-forward beer. (This cookie is made from Prost’s Weissbier, therefore, we wanted to feature another great German-style beer, also from Colorado.)

Enstrom’s Toffee with Wild Woods Brewery’s “Ponderosa Porter”

Almond bark, crafted fresh from California almonds, sweet cream, pure cane sugar and milk chocolate, topped with crushed almonds” pairs well with a “roasty, oak-aged porter with whole vanilla beans, inspired by the cake-like aromas found when hiking through a forest of ponderosa pine trees.”

Rocking W Cheese’s “Habanero Jack” with Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project’s “Surette”

Spicy, freshly crafted cheese will pair well with citrusy-tartness, sourness and, of course, funk.

Colorado Gourmet Kettle Corn with Breckenridge Brewery’s “Pandora’s Bock”

The sweetness (and slight saltiness!) of kettle corn will pair well with carmel, nut, and malty flavors of this bock. (Colorado Gourmet Kettle Corn also makes a flavor with New Belgium’s “1554,” an Enlightened Black Ale. Try both flavors!)

Sweet Action Ice Cream’s “Salted Butterscotch” and Yak and Yeti’s “Chai Milk Stout”

Sweet, butterscotch with a hint of salt, will pair well with a sweet, malty, silky-textured stout. A dessert for a queen (or a king)!

Baker Street Soft Pretzels with Telluride Brewing Company’s “Face Down Brown”

If you’ve been to a small, front range brewery before, then you have most likely had a delicious soft pretzel, from Baker Street. This pretzel pairs well with most any beer we could think of, but we wanted to encourage you to try Telluride Brewery’s “Face Down Brown” (2012 Gold winner at GABF and the World Beer Cup) and tasty any time of the year.

Telluride Truffle’s “Snowcapped” Truffle and Avery’s Mephistopheles

This truffle features dark chocolate on the outside and white chocolate inside. The inner flavoring is Myer’s Rum (and who gives if there is extra alcohol in this treat?! You’re already drinking a 15% beer!) Pairs well with this beer because it has lots of bakers chocolate and syrup, molasses, roasted nuts, faint teriyaki, prunes, and a “hot” boozy taste. A dessert not to forget.

Donut Haus Bakery Glazed, Yeast Donut and Odell Brewing Company’s “Mercenary” Double IPA

A super sweet, soft, melt in your mouth donut, fresh from Estes Park, CO will pair well with a malty, hop-forward double IPA (IPA’s clear your palate between bites so you can taste your donut better from beginning to end!). This beer is “brewed with a blend of hops containing the highest levels of Myrcene, this double IPA prevails with a tropical fruit-like flavor, a pungent floral aroma, and a clean getaway.” Tropical flavors and a fresh donut? Heaven.

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