Inky Beer’s 10 Favorite Bar Stools

Hey all! We’ve been combing cyberspace for new and funky, beer-related things to own and came across all of these stools! Click on the photo below for more information about finding and or purchasing bar stools. Prost!

1 cnn-10-best-bars-in-beirut-L-pfWOHm

1) Double Bench, Scooter

2 filename-img-2105-jpg

2) Swings

3 imagesCAY13XU1

3) Thongs, Tattoos

4 imagesCART6WPB

4) Nuns with Fish Nets

photo (1)

5) Knee Highs and High Heels

6 kegstool

6) Kegs with Swivel Tops

7 brewood_clinic2

7) Wheelchairs

8 barstoolsWD

8) Motorcycles

vanagon road trip jackson cowboy car

9) “Million Dollar Cowboy Bar” Saddles

10 imagesCAVEVZ4X

10) Animal Legs

One Comment Add yours

  1. Lilly Sue says:

    These are awesome!

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