Inky Beer’s Father’s Day Gift Ideas for a Beer-Lovin’ Dad

Happy 1-week until Father’s Day, Inky Beer readers. Hopefully we have some fathers on here! (Disclaimer: if someone who loves you gets you a gift from here, act surprised and know you have someone with AMAZING taste in your life.)

If you’re still trying to figure out what to get your beer-lovin’ Dad, then look no more! Dr. B dug through the best and most easily attainable beer gifts for the newest to most seasoned brew connoisseur. We hope you enjoy our ideas.

1. Things to drink beer in, open with, carry with, and/or beer to drink

Dr. B and I are always looking for unique glassware to drink beer from, including American pints, fluted glassware, and a variety of growlers (our favorite is the vacuum sealed, insulated kind), so they are at the top of our suggestions. You might also want to throw in a wall mounted bottle opener or portable bottle opener from your dad’s favorite brewery. Also above, we show classic and “slap” koozies (you know, like slap bracelets from the 80’s), growler carriers, and bomber (22 oz. bottles) carriers. The best way to find these items is at your dad’s favorite local brewery, but if he likes another one, Google can show you a variety of places to find the swag you seek. (Note: while you’re at the local brewery, you might as well fill that growler before you cap it, zip it into it’s new case, and give it to your dad. He’ll love it!)

2. Things that he can wear to show his love for beer (shirts, hats, ties, socks, and bike bells)

Remember when you thought about your dad’s favorite brewery(ies) in our last paragraph? Well, here’s where it can also pay off! Your dad would probably love to walk around town on the weekends, or all week long (in my case) with beer hats, caps, socks, shirts from his favorite breweries. Is your dad a cyclist? Great. There is such a demand for beer-related cycling jerseys that almost every brewery over 2 years old has them. If your dad is not a spandex wearing cyclist, then how about a bike bell? So many options… all for sale at your local brewery or online.

3. Beer books and magazines

Oohh… like beer porn that shows up in your mailbox, but not covered in black plastic. Your dad can learn more about the history of beer, homebrewing, and other beer-geeky ideas. Also, there are so many beer books that help out homebrewers, mead makers, wine makers, etc., along with every beer topic ever thought of in the world. Don’t get overwhelmed, just go to your local homebrew shop and ask for advice.

4. DIY Homebrew kit(s)

Again, we suggest heading to your local homebrew shop, or shopping for a pre-made kit online. We’ve shopped at Midwest Brewing Supply, Northern Brewer, and Austin Homebrew Supply.

5. Signs, clocks, and tap handles

My dad collects tap handles, so I always have a “go to” gift. Specifically, I collect car racing tap handles for him. If you’re looking for a place to begin, choose a local tap handle, a major label handle, or a dolphin (if your dad likes dolphins… if not, he might just think it’s weird.) You can also give him an aluminum sign, a wooden sign, and or a clock from his favorite brewery. The best past is all of these things are made worldwide, so if your dad only likes German beer, then you can still adorn his man cave in German beer style.

6. AND… last but not least… gift cards, tickets, and memberships!

Last, but certainly not least, or a cop-out, we suggest buying your dad a gift card to his favorite brewery, or one that he’s always wanted to try. Dr. B and I also suggest getting dad an AHA (American Homebrew Association) membership, if your dad is a homebrewer, or visits a lot of breweries. They have excellent education sections to satisfy even the biggest beer geek and TONS of discounts on beer, food, and swag at breweries all over the USA. If all else fails, pray to the beer gods and be lucky enough to purchase a Great American Beer Festival (GABF) ticket for you and him. The GABF is life changing for beer drinkers and will open hearts and minds though being immersed in the best of beer culture.

We hope you find an excellent gift for your dad this father’s day. Sometimes, even sharing a pint at his favorite local spot is worth more than all of the gifts and beer swag in the world. Cheers to you and yours!

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