Best Beer Blend EVER?!


Ok, I swear I was going to give blogging a break today, but thanks to one of my favorite, unofficial, contributors… Draft Magazine, I’d like to share a bad a$$ looking beer blend. (Cannot wait to try it! Already have the Raspberry Tart… now to locate the Dogfish Head…)

One of the best things about DRAFT’s weekly blind panel tastings—sampling some amazing beer, being No. 1—is what happens when the tasting, talking and judging is over: Beer blends.

We’ve blended just about everything: Citrusy IPAs with tropical IPAs; piney pales with fruity reds; roasted stouts with chocolaty porters; cheesy lambics with lemony lambics; etc. It’s amazing what new profiles you can come up with when you’ve got a little extra beer and a pretty intimate, recent knowledge of the profiles.

But this is, without a doubt, the best beer blend that’s ever come out of our panel tastings:

* ¾ New Glarus Raspberry Tart
* ¼ Dogfish Head Fort



Sipped separately, both beers are fantastic (95 and 91 points, respectively) but, when you mix them together, it’s a rollercoaster of flavor and sensations. Fort injects a dash of its hot 18%-ABV into the sessionable Raspberry Tart, as well as a dose of sweetness to balance out the beer’s puckering tartness; its spritzy carbonation keeps everything lively on the tongue. Raspberry, raisin, caramel, toast and a plethora of other notes roll over the taste buds. In the end, you get a sweet-tart drink that packs a boozy little punch and an effervescent swallow.

What’s your favorite beer blend?

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  1. Murph says:

    Mmm… looks good!

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