How Inky Cellars Her Beer

We posted a few tips and tricks on how to pimp your own beer cellar last week and we thought that we’d show you how ours turned out…


SOFTWARE: We chose to use CellarHQ software – free and accessible anywhere the internet or 3G goes.

Thanks to CellarHQ, we know that our cellar contains, 261 total beers, and 104 unique beers, from 57 breweries. To see a list of beer in Inky’s cellar, click here.

SETUP: Our cellar currently consists of a side-by-side refridgerator, set at 40-45 F (to preserve more hops flavors over time).


We organized the fridge into four sections: sessions, sours and homebrew, dark beer, and IPAs and sours.


(1) SESSION BEER – on the bottom two shelves and in the door



(2) SOURS and HOMEBREW – on the third shelf


(3) DARK BEER – on the third shelf


(4) IPAs and (more) SOURS – on the top shelf


We might need to put all of the sours together in the future, but so far, there are more IPAs and homebrews than sours, so, wha cha’ gonna do?!

What is your setup? Send your photos to and we’ll post them here!

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