Apocalypse Beer and “The End of the World”: Day 9

WARNING! This post is bloody, grotesque, and full of zombies, beer, tattoos, and graffiti.

(It’s out most media-packed post yet!)

Apocalypse Beer! Day 9 is Blight… or the Zombie Apocalypse.

Beer #9 (September) is a Pumpkin Ale at 7.4% ABV.

What is Blight?

Blight is the “disease” that could infect people and through certain brain dysfunctions (see video below), we could be in the throes of a Zombie Apocalypse!

The Dancing Dead

A geeky look at why a zombie acts like a zombie.

Rico the Zombie

Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorite movies.

What will Inky Beer Do?

Both Inky and Dr. B will need to flee Denver quickly, as it is a large city and might need to be “sterilized.” Head for the hills, look for a mountain top cabin of sorts. On the way, we will be looking for cricket bats and other large, swing-able objects to use for protection in hand-to-hand combat. We will not be visiting the local Walmart to stock up on supplies… just get in the Subaru and drive! Take the cats, too, of course. Hairspray and lighters might also be of use.

Why not get another tattoo?

Or admire some killer street art? (Feel better?)

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow for DAY 10… OMEN.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    It always astonishes me as to what people decide to get inked on their bodies. Hmm….. Zombie Demon or Decaying Zombie Hello Kitty? What to do…. what to do?

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