Apocalypse Beer and The “End of the World”: Day 7

Apocalypse Beer! Day 7 is Torrent.

elysian 7

Beer #7 (July) is a Pale Beet Bock, at 7%ABV.

What is Torrent?

A torrent is a (1) turbulent, swift-flowing stream, (2) a heavy downpour; a deluge, and/or (3) something that is heavy, uncontrolled outpouring. According to our military, “Flooding is the most common natural disaster and can occur anywhere. Flooding can be localized in a particular neighborhood or widespread, affecting entire cities or large portions of states and territories. Floods can develop over a period of days, giving
you adequate time to prepare; however, flash floods can develop in a matter of minutes. Flash flood waters can be caused by heavy rain, levee breaches or dam failures. Rushing flood waters can be deeper and stronger than they look. These waters are also destructive and can carry debris, rocks and mud.” (US Military)

What will Inky Beer Do?

Inky will pack up the Subaru and head for the hills. (I know, I know, this is the same solution for most situations, but it will work!) We’ll also take any boats that we own so that we can still maneuver with the high flood waters. Maybe we should buy that whitewater raft sooner than later, Dr. B!

Or, get another tattoo!?

l TJ

Or admire some quality street flood-inspired art?

Above_art_mural_Brisbane_flood 3d-illusory-graffiti-part-2-amazing-road-river

See you tomorrow for Day 8, Maelstrom! (remember every day represents a HYPOTHETICAL situation)

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