Apocalypse Beer and The “End of the World”: Day 3

Apocalypse Beer!  Welcome to Day 3: Fallout

Elysian 3

Beer#3 (March) Fallout is a 7.3% ABV Green Cardamom Pale Ale.

What is the Fallout?

Fallout is in reference to the apocalyptic event that comes when the results of a nuclear Holocaust causes the radiation and chemicals to travel into the atmosphere. This will cover up the sun and lead to nuclear winter. It is one of the many apocalyptic, and more realistic events that could happen at the end of world in the so called date of 12-21-2012. This event will turn the earth asunder as a cause of wars between countries and those who have the greater fire power. (brewerinanimelogs)

What will Inky Beer Do?

Inky sent Dr. B back to digging that 50 foot deep bunker. We will end up outfitting it with a hot tub and eating PB&J for as long as we can; after that, we’ll need gas masks. I’d like my mask to be black with green stripes. Something tells me that Dr. B wants an orange one. Maybe moving to the mountains and living off the grid is a better idea. Good thing I can see salvation from my back door…

Or, get yet another tattoo. (you have plenty of uncovered skin left)



Or, admire these fallout street art references.



I know what you’re thinking… 12 days of doom and gloom? Just have a light heart when reading these posts. We’ll all still be here on December 22. Think peace and please let us know if you find these Elysian beers! (we really want to try them)

See you tomorrow for Apocalypse Beer Day 4: Pestilence…. or Peste Beer from Elysian. Ewww…. (for pestilence, not the beer)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    In case of an atomic blast, I think hiding in an old 1950’s refrigerator is a swell idea! That was when the good stuff was made! Perhaps I’ll stock it with beer first. 🙂

  2. rjkey522 says:

    I’m packed. If you see me running to the hills, try to keep up and jf I see a old fridge I’ll stop for a beer 🙂

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