Inky’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide for Lady Beer Lovers

For the lady beer lovers, you say? This idea came to me as I was surfing the web, finding NO gift guides specifically for lady beer lovers, this holiday season. Female beer drinkers make up 7% of the beer consuming market and are growing at an average of 10% a year. They have earned this gender-specific post and the awesome gifts you’re going to give them this holiday season. Here we go!

For the Homebrewer

il_570xN.242096315Any brewer would be in love with this Handmade Mash Paddle, available in two designs, on Etsy. It’s a one piece paddle, made of domestic hardwood, perfect for stirring & breaking up clumps/dough balls of grist (crushed grain) in your mash. It is unfinished to insure no leaching of chemicals into your mash and sanded smooth then sprayed with water and resanded to minimalize raised wood grain. At approximately 36″ long by 3″ wide, this is a timeless brewing piece.


Complete the look of your homebrew bottle! Don’t settle for plain gold caps just because you don’t make millions of bottles a year. These Custom Bottle Caps are great for small runs and seasonals. We print any design directly on standard crown caps and send them straight to you. Upload an image to create a custom bottle cap instantly, or choose from our design library. Photo friendly, no color limit, and no minimum order. Just 12¢ each, with low shipping costs and free digital samples available.


Why not get your lady brewer a beer apron form Zazzle? Cook, paint or garden in this wonderful medium length apron. It’s got three spacious pockets in the front for holding all your utensils and tools. Made from a 35/65 cotton-poly twill blend, it’s machine washable and a bit wider than our longer version. 24″ L x 28″ W.

For the Bike Geek


How about getting your lady a bottle/can holder for your bike, from Uncrate. Bring your favorite beverage along for the ride with this Bicycle Can Cage. Hand-stitched using rigid leather, it installs on your bike using three clamps, and is the perfect size for most cans — including tallboys, giving you no excuse for leaving your giant PBR at home.


Getting a bike bell, from New Belgium Brewing, makes two statements… The first one is “Get out of my way!” Or, “Don’t run me over in this lane!” Both are good for her safety while riding. The second statement is, “I love beer so much that I am decorating my bike with it!” All statements lead toward a stylish, safe, bell to proud of while biking around town or on a tour.

For the Bookworm


Tasting Beer, by Randy Mosher, is the perfect book for your lady beer lover. For all beer lovers who have known the pleasure of draining a pint, Randy Mosher explores and explains the complete tasting experience as it applies to all the wonderful brews of the world. Beer may be the common beverage of the people, but it is far from simple. With 10,000 years of history, more than 900 identified flavors, dozens of styles, and thousands of breweries around the world, beer is as complex as its grape-based neighbors in the liquor stores. Mosher guides readers to a better understanding of how every batch of beer is affected by each of the brewmaster’s choices — recipe formulation, brewhouse procedures, yeasts, fermentations, carbonation, filtration, packaging, and much more.


The Naked Pint, by Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune, is a down-to-earth guide to craft and artisanal brews that celebrates beer for what it truly is: sophisticated, complex and flavorful. Covering everything from beer basics to the science of behind beer, food and beer pairings, home brewing, and tips for perfecting one’s palate. This edgy no-nonsense guide exposes hidden truths, debunks misconceptions, and reveals the power that comes from knowing your ales from a hole in the ground!

For the Professional Brewer

1487075-p-MULTIVIEWThis category was created out of optimism that more and more women will be professional brewers in the future. Let’s dream big! First off, breweries are damp, wet places, so the most important thing your lady brewer will need to be comfortable on her feet for 10 hours is a sassy pair of rubber boots.


Also necessary for professional brewers, in order to be able to see what is going on inside all those huge tanks… your lady brewer needs a good flashlight. We suggest the Polystinger HD HAZ-LO. It’s shock proof (for when it’s dropped off a 3 meter tall ladder), has 3 modes (High: 130 Lumens, 4 hour runtime, Low: 50 Lumens, 12 hour runtime, and Moonlight Mode: 1.3 Lumens, 20 Day runtime), non-conductive chemical and corrosion-resistant nylon polymer, the battery is rechargeable, has an unbreakable polycarbonate lens with scratch-resistant coating wears through spills and maintains clarity in difficult work environments, is rated for water-resistance, is available in black or yellow, and has a limited lifetime warranty.

For the Tavern Traveler


The Great American Ale Trail, by Christian DeBenedetti is the perfect gift to jump start your lady’s beer travels in 2013. “The Great American Ale Trail” is the definitive guide to the best places to drink craft beer in America. Author Christian DeBenedetti has traveled across the country to find the worthiest beer destinations, from major breweries to tiny farmhouse startups. With hundreds of entries, including top-ten lists for “Best Dive Bars for Craft Beer Lovers,” “Best Beer Festivals,” and “Best Beer Cities,” The Great American Ale Trail is sure to set anyone on their first beer pilgrimage.


Upcycled Beer Box Luggage Tag, available on Etsy. This awesome luggage tag was made from a used Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Wild six-pack box! The handmade matching strap and sturdy snap make this a piece of handiwork worthy of a gift. The cardboard is wrapped in a clear vinyl and sewn onto a black vinyl backing. The back side has a clear pocket big enough to hold a business card or any other form of ID. If you fear your tag will get stolen I suggest adding a little superglue to the snap once you designate the piece of luggage it will attach to. The snap is very strong, but not theft proof.

For the Beer Chef

sausageWe suggest buying your lady beer chef 6 pounds of local, free-range, grassfed, italian sausage. It would go well in beer stew, or beer sausage. Really, good meat is just as amazing as good beer. Here is a list of CSAs, by Local Harvest, in the USA for you to find local meat. For recipes, check out Craft Beer Chef’s blog.


Also useful in the kitchen, a unique, magnetic (so you don’t lose it!) bottle opener. On this site, there are over 20 designs to choose from, so choose wisely! If you have no idea, go with a classic design.

For the Beer Taster


Making sure that your lady beer lover looks great at every party, get her a custom koozie, available on Etsy. This is one bad ass drink holder, hands down. (I’d like one, too, but without the bow.)

8599BS.1LAnother gift you can get your lady, to add to her party swagger, would be a stein, with a pewter lid, that is easy to hold, classically vintage, and useful. Available from Ruby Lane, this is the most unique stein that we’ve seen yet!

5-piece-beer-sampler-setAlso a crucial tool for your lady beer taster, available from Crate and Barrel, is a set of 5-Piece Beer Sampler Set. Numbered sampler glasses line up on acacia wood paddle to serve comparison sips of pilsners, ales, stouts and other brews. Classic beer glasses hold 5 oz. for tasting parties, the beer curious and the studious connoisseur. Wood serving paddle has suede strap for hanging.

For the Social Gamer


If your lady likes to bring games to the pub, Dr. B and I suggest these portable treasures. (1) A deck of cards, (2) Apples to Apples On-The-Go, (3) Bananagrams, (4) Monopoly Deal, (5) Dice Games , and/or (6) Trivia Games. Give her one of these games and she will have the tools to chat up any beer drinker in the pub, make a few friends, and enjoy the beer drinking experience more thoroughly.

For the Clothing Whore


We suggest getting your lady a myriad of beer clothing options to wear out to the pub, tasting events, etc. No beer wardrobe is complete without your lady’s favorite brewery’s t-shirt. Going a step farther, she also might like a hat, sweatshirt, belt buckle, backpack… the list goes on and on. Just make sure to double check her size before buying, OR get a gift card. There is nothing worse than buying your lady beer lover clothes that are the wrong size.

For the Newbie


We think that the best gift you can give your new lady beer drinker is a ticket to a beer tasting event. To find the event closest to you, check out the list from Beer Advocate here. Going to a tasting event is very much like taking someone skiing for the first time: don’t leave her side, show her different styles of beer, bring her her own tasting glass (if not provided), show her how to make a pretzel necklace, teach her how to properly taste beer, make it fun for her! If she loves the experience, she’ll begin to love the beer. Also, find out what she usually likes to drink when she goes out… for example, if she is Cosmo drinker, she might like a nice raspberry wheat, or a cherry lambic. Don’t expect her to join you in imbibing imperial styles on this day. Just take it easy and focus on what she likes. She will not become Lindsey Vonn (remember our skiing metaphor?) overnight.

Happy Holidays!

Dr. B and I hope that you found a special gift for your lady beer lover today.

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  1. Kate says:

    Awesome post, Inky Beer!

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