Inky Beer’s Beer Geek Gift Giving Guide: Part 6

You made it!

Welcome to the final edition of the IBBGGGG for 2012… Part 6, beer gifts of $101 and up. We tried to dream big and unique here, so enjoy the luxurious beer geekiness and we hope you get one of these for the holidays.


Still playing beer pong from back in college? Well, we were shocked to see that the game has been slightly gentrified since last playing (using an old door found in a friends garage). For $150, you and your friends can be the proud owners of an 8-foot Pirate Beer Pong Table, complete with beer bottle opener (attached to the table), 6 ping pong balls, ball rack (under the table, so you wont have to hold al 6 balls while playing) and PORTABILITY! Yes, the table folds and unfolds in under a minute. The tables then folds in half, into a small square box with carrying handles so you can take it anywhere. The table top is 8 feet by 2 feet and has the markings for the Solo cups right on the table so you’re ready to roll. Get this table, a bunch of gnarly beer and teach your family how to play Beer Pong by the first family get together this holiday season.


For a mere $180, you can treat your homebrewer to set of 60 custom, screen printed beer bottles from Vital. The cost includes custom artwork and setup pricing, a choice of 10 ink colors, and the opportunity for your homebrew to look professional (and artsy) from the first batch through the life of the bottle!


Sam Adams Utopia 2012 is available for $150-279 this year. It is the ultimate, majestic, luxury beer “with a complex flavor profile unlike any other beer, and an incredible ABV of 24%, making it the strongest naturally-fermented beer to date. Samuel Adams Utopias was brewed again in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011, with Jim continuing to aim for more complexity, eventually pushing the ABV to 29% for our 2012 batch, our 10th Anniversary celebration of this unique brew. Rivaling the world’s best ports and cognacs, this extreme beer is uncarbonated and ruby black in color with sweet flavors of honey, toffee, caramel, cocoa and vanilla balanced by distinct notes of molasses, raisins, plums and berries imparted from aging batches in a variety of barrels over the years” ( Former vintages can fetch upwards of $700 online.


For those considering some redecorating after the holidays, you might want to treat your beer geek to to piece that will both set the mood in any room and become a conversation starter for all the people coming over to see the art. At $750, Zal Creations will make you a Beer Bottle Chandelier. Is it not beautiful? You can also use wine bottles or liquor bottles… your choice. This is a beer decoration to adorn the most swanky room or the darkest beer cave. (if you get one, please send a photo to so we can see what bottles you chose!)


Here is the mother of all kegerators, the Summit Double Faucet Kegerator, for $1,090. This bad boy weighs 130 pounds (beefier than the average 80 pound), holds (2) mini kegs (ball lock), includes 2 Sankey American taps with a stainless steel drip tray, rregulator, automatic defrost, cleaning kit, an empty CO2 tank, and a draft tower with 2 spigots. This is at the top of my list (and I think the doors come in stainless steel, too!) So pretty…


Departing every October, (9 night trip for $2,895 per person) will take you on an extravagant pilgrimage to the mother country of beer, Belgium. “According to, “Belgium makes a strong case for being “beer heaven.” From your first beer in Brussels until the last Antwerp, you will experience a wide variety of classic breweries and their great beers in optimum condition. Multi-night stays in Brussels, Brugge, and Antwerp; and an overnight pilgrimage to visit a couple of Trappist Breweries in southern Belgium, offer a variety of great beer and cultural experiences. There is plenty of time to explore on your own and take in Belgium’s rich history and culture as well. Many great meals, visits to unique and historic breweries, transportation by rail, private coach and public means, fine hotels in great locations and more are built in to this trip. People have loved our past Belgium trips… this might be the best yet.” (OMG, I WANT THIS TRIP!)

THANK YOU so much for reading Inky Beer’s 2012 Gift Guide. We had a blast researching interesting, cool, and utterly amazing gifts and hope that no matter where you or or what you get this holiday season, you are healthy and happy. Keep reading!

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