Inky Beer’s Beer Geek Gift Giving Guide: Part 5

Welcome back again for the IBBGGGG Part 5, gifts in the price range of $76-100. These gifts are really unique and exciting. Any beer (homebrew or bike) geek would love them. Well, let’s get started!


For $80, your beer geek can have her/his own Leather Bicycle Growler Holder, handmade on Etsy. This growler holder looks great on and off the bike. You have your choice of 3 different colors and patterns. What better to bring on a day bike tour through beer country? Hand crafted with as much care as the wonderful craft beer that fills your beer growler. This growler cover will attract attention and protect your growler at the same time. Hand crafted out of thick veg-tanned genuine leather to help protect your glass growler. Makes transporting your beer and growler safer, easier and much more attractive. Top simply slides over and snaps shut securing your growler leaving the handle exposed for easy carrying. With the Pedal Happy Leather Growler Cover you now have a stylish classy growler.


Rock out with this handcrafted Wooden Navy Star Tap Handle, found on Etsy for $85. I love it’s simplistic, bold design, reminiscent of classic naval tattoos. The tap handle made from tan oak, embellished with a Navy star and two chevron bands, woodburned by hand. The handle is gracefully tapered, and silky smooth. The wood burning shows different amounts of shading, and bold dark lines. A beautiful tap handle for any beer lover and/or homebrewer. The tap handle comes ready to install. It’s got a brass threaded insert that fits most standard American spigots (3/8″ X 16), and a knurled brass nut so the handle can be tightened in any position.


For $90, you can buy your beer geek a Vintage Anheuser-Busch Beer Crate. Perfect beer decor, this vintage Anheuser-Busch wooden beer crate is just waiting for a home as a wonderful rustic decor item. Labeled “Anheuser-Busch Property, St. Louis, Mo. on the two long sides. The ends feature the brewery’s eagle logo with the date of 1944, held 24 12-ounce bottles, and has metal strapping on the ends. Outside dimensions are 18 x 11 1/2 x 10 1/4. Interior dimensions are 16 x 10 1/2 x 9 3/4. Perfect to store books, bottles for homebrewing, or whatever you’d like.


For $99, you can purchase a beautiful, handmade wood mini brew beer sampler, with six tasting glasses. Serve some samples at Home brew Happy Hour with your own Mini Brew Sampler! This rack includes six mini beer glasses, a dishwasher-safe version of the classic pilsner. Each Mini Brew is handmade with pride in New England! Just look at this gorgeous hand carved, multi-wood design… a beauty for any homebrew or beek geek’s collection.

STAY TUNED for the final IBBGGGG tomorrow… with gifts ranging from $101 and upward. They’re very extravagant! (We’re so excited!)

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