Inky Beer’s Beer Geek Gift Giving Guide: Part 4

Welcome Inky Beer friends!

If you’re still with us, looking for the right gift for your beer geek, you’re in for a treat. Below, we bring you, Part 4 in the 2012 Holiday Gift Series: beer gifts in the price range of  $51-75. Remember my warning from yesterday…with beer, the more expensive the gift, the more dreamy it is! We tried to dream big and artsy this round. Salud!

Red envelope beer glasses

When it comes to tasting delicious beer, the best gift for your beer lover would be a (well-cleaned) tasting glass. From Red Envelope, you can get your beer lover a set of 8 tasting glasses, for $60. The glasses used with beer are more specific than wine glasses. The glass needs to be the appropriate shape and size, hence the 8-glass set. Coincidentally, Inky has a little visual tasting glass reminder explaining which beer to use in which of your new glasses, you can see it here. Feel free to take some photos of your beer in your new glasses and send them to!

Maybe it’s the handle that looks like brass knuckles, or a bike cog, but I absolutely love this Sprocket Growler (ceramic), from UncommonGoods. For $65, it can be the prize growler in your beer geek’s collection. Any good geek owns more than one growler! With the flip cap and rubber seal, you can bottle condition home brew in this vessel, as well as enjoy the freshest beer possible, like the stainless steel growler in our previous post, no light can get in and spoil the brew.

Every brewer needs a sign to celebrate her/his brews! Available in a few different styles, this Etsy artist will make your brewer a customized homebrew/brewery sign for $65. Personally, we are still creating the name of our homebrew operation… but is this not a beautiful handmade sign? It will make everyone feel welcome and your brewer feel even more accomplished.

For $70, you can take your beer lover’s beautiful growler collection and help display it for all to see. Check out the handmade, wooden growler rack on Etsy. It holds 6, 1/2 gallon growlers and is made of walnut. Give your beer lover a place to store growlers until you fill them at your favorite watering hole. (I could find space for two of these today!)

Last, and my favorite… for the beer geek and/or homebrewer looking for a way to cellar beer in an appropriate temperatured environment (varies by beer type). Thanks to a new company, Brewbicle, you can purchase 2 Brewbicles for $75. Brewbicle also sells singular Brewbicles and packs of three (like the photo above). Each cube holds 8-16 beers, depending on size of bottle. These cubes are so good looking, you’ll want to have them in a common area to display your cellar.

Thanks again for reading the IBBGGGG Part 4. Part 5, prices ranging from $76-100 will come out tomorrow… get ready for some more extravagant gifts!

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